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Deepening the Surface: Layers & Print July 22-27

Deepening the Surface: Layers & Print July 22-27


Deepening the Surface through Layers & Print

July 22nd - 27th (5.5 days)


At long last, a week fully dedicated to exploring surface decoration!!

This workshop is ideal for those who have a working knowledge of clay, surface lovers or surface curious, but could also be intriguing to those with a strong interest in mixed media and 2D realms such as painting, drawing, print & collage.  


In this workshop we'll focus on:

Creating depth through the layering of surface

Applying various techniques for image transfer, print on clay, mono print, screenprint

Exploring personal expression through imagery and mark-making

Using various resists at various stages

Considering the use of different Clay bodies and casting slips

Building your technical tool kit

Building a test tile reference for techniques and ideas explored


To maximize these goals, we'll be working with test tiles, simple slab forms and a pre-bisqued form. Our studio is fully equipped and wheels may be used by anyone with the experience to do so, but wheel work and producution is NOT the focus for this workshop. By the end of the week, we want to have explored numerous surface possibilities and  for you to take home a test tile resource for reference. 


Typical Studio Hours for Weeklong Workshops:

10-4. Hours may vary slightly to accommodate studio needs. 

This is a 5.5 day workshop. The last day is for collecting work and timing will depend on the cooling of the kiln. Finished pieces can be collected from the studio at a later date, or shipping can be arranged if needed.



$675.00 + $78.97hst = $753.97


Fees include:

Instruction & support

min of 2 clay bodies (light & dark)

Casting Slip & Decorative Slips

Underglaze materials, printing mediums

Printmaking tools, supplies & materials

1 Pre-bisqued form/ participant


Use of studio equipment & tools (you will not be required to bring tools but welcome to bring your faves)

Minimum of 1 of each bisque & glaze firings (for Cone 6)

Light refreshments

Tech services



This is a first come first serve process, payment in full confirms your registration. To register, purchase the workshop and send payment via e-transfer to

We will follow up with an email to confirm receipt of your regsitration. If you do not recieve an email within 2 days, please reach out by email. 


Class sizes are small. We require a minimum of 6 participants to run. 

In the case of severe weather, other arrangements may be required. 
Please review our cancellation policy and covid protocols prior to registration. 

  • Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation Policy

    • If cancelled by May 1rst 2024, fees will be refunded minus a $50 admin fee. 
    • If cancelled after May 1rst 2024, a refund, minus a $50 admin fee can be issued, ONLY if there's a qualified participant to fill your spot. (ie. waiting list) 

    If we have to cancel due to extenuating circumstances, a full refund will be issued. 

  • Covid Protocols

    We ask that participants continue to self screen prior to attending workshop.

    We continue to monitor provincial health guidelines. At this time, masks are required indoors.

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